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Meet The Hill Clan


I wore my NOUNS shirt today!! As I walked by lines of students coming from the lunchroom, I could see them all reading my shirt!

Kim Johnson, 4th Grade Teacher

I think this awesome! I love your shirts! The quality is awesome AND I love their message and the continual visual reinforcement. I wore my EST. In 1776 shirt on the first day I started teaching the American Revolution and several of my students asked about it. The shirts are so powerful.

Layne Edwards, 4th Grade Teacher

I wore my PROVE IT shirt for our interim and it has stuck with the students. (forgot to take photos). Now the finale is coming and when I ask a student to come to the board this is the chant. "Prove it! Don't just choose it!" I ❤ this testing tee!

Kamicka Thompson, 3rd Grade

Today I wore my mom's Moon Phases shirt to school because my group had a disagreement on if the moon phases went clockwise or counterclockwise. My shirt settled the disagreement, but my teacher told me I couldn't wear it during the test tomorrow! It is one of my favorite shirts!

Addison Hill, 6th Grader